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Video Marketing Helps Your Buyers Choose You

Video Marketing Helps Your Buyers Choose You

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For the last 4 years, companies like Animoto, Google/IPSOS, Aberdeen and Wyzowl have been doing some excellent research and surveys to track how important video is to buyers. Well the reports for this year offer eye popping statistics that proves video marketing is more important than ever.
  • 81% of buyers have been convinced to buy a service by watching a company’s video.
  • 95% of buyers have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
  • 65% of businesses who don’t currently use video, say they plan to start in 2018
Video Marketing Services in Philly, Bucks County Check out these reports from Aberdeen and Wyzowl for more staggering statistics.

Explainer Videos Are a Must For All Businesses

Top of the funnel videos should be short & informative and explainer videos are a good place to start if you are just getting started with video marketing as a content strategy. Our explainer video production services starts off with getting a better understanding of who your buyers are and what motivates them to use your product or service. An animated explainer video can be fun but perhaps not the right direction if you machine metal parts for aircraft manufacturers or fabricate stainless steel for Pharma companies. On the other hand, I think GE did a great with this

Business Explainer Video

Other Types of Short Lead Generation Videos

The vast majority of lead generation videos are less than 2 minutes and are designed to engage the viewer, provide good useful information and invite you to seek more information. Some of the other video types that fall into this category are:
  • Content Trailers
  • Business Culture Videos
  • Promo Shorts
Make sure your video offers a call-to-action that brings prospects into a lead nurturing system that can help you evaluate the quality of these leads. Marketo developed this Guide to Lead Nurturing that might be helpful. YouTube Video Marketing

Middle Funnel Videos Provide More To Chew On

After your lead nurturing efforts do a little scrubbing and cleaning out the tire kickers, you end up with some more qualified prospects that have shown some serious interest. But even prospects at this stage of the sales process have short attention spans so we recommend keeping these mid funnel videos to under 7 minutes and not longer than 10 minutes. Some of the video types that fall into this category are:
  • Webinar Shorts (Just the Highlights of a Recent Webinar)
  • Helpful How-To Videos
  • Case Studies
  • Though Leadership videos.
Here is an example of a case study video from Volvo Trucks.

Bottom of The Funnel Video

Later stages of the sales process require much more targeted content. By this time your sales team may have reached out to the prospect, asked a number of open ended questions and perhaps discovered your prospects pain points. Webinars and one-on-one tutorials have been staples that you should be using for late stage content. But timing may not be right, or your prospect may have bailed out of the webinar due to timing constraints. Some types of video we recommend for late stage content is:
  • Customer testimonials
  • Detailed product tours
  • Video tutorials that lead to buying decisions
  • Customized sales presentation videos

78% of the marketing professionals polled said video delivered great ROI

Video Marketing Services Can Help You Get Started

Most of the medium sized businesses I interact with just don’t have the time to develop content or are unsure where to begin. Therefore, tapping a video marketing expert can be very helpful to get you started with content development ideas, writing scripts and developing storyboards. Simple tasks like arranging for a whiteboard video production artist or voice over artists is a challenge for busy professionals that have never done that before. Video production can be very time consuming and hiring an online marketing agency to do your creative is a smart business decision.

YouTube Marketing Increases Exposure

YouTube remains the most popular (and most effective) sharing platform for video content, and there are no signs of that trend being reversed in the next year. Our YouTube video marketing services helps clients optimize video with SEO and increase viewer engagement on YouTube with advertising. Contact us today if you wish to get started with a video marketing strategy.

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