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About Us

Internet Marketing Company in Philadelphia

Your Digital Marketing Agency

Internet Marketing Company in Philadelphia
Thanks for checking us out. We are a very flexible group of talented local marketing experts, content writers, keyword specialists, SEO’s and technology enthusiasts that are all focused on seeing our clients win online. As your buyers behaviors have changed, so have the online marketing strategies we use to capture their attention.
Digital Marketing Agency

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We make an effort to understand who your customers are and where they seek information and the tools they use to find out about the products and services you provide. We will then help you devise a plan to reach your future clients  online with a captivating message.
We have been doing search marketing since 2002 when Google was still an infant giving Yahoo and AOL some serious growing pains. Since then, we have honed our craft and always chose to be the best internet citizen and avoided the Black Hat tactics others were using. Now as search engines continue to weed out the undesirables and the bad guys try to recover from another algorithm change, all of our clients reap the benefits on the best practices we employ.
The Optimizer:

SEO in Philadelphia – Tom Gilmour

Tom "The Google Guy" GilmourTom brings over 25 years of hands on Marketing, Advertising, Business Development and Sales Management experience to the clients he serves. Since 1989, he has held positions as an in-house Sales Director, Marketing Manager and Business Development Specialist for some highly recognizable brands in the Hospitality, Travel and Telecommunications Industries over his tenure.
Additionally, Tom has also managed over sixty Creative Services and Direct Response Advertising relationships in the Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail Sectors and Ad Agencies prior to starting eXplorations Marketing

B2B Marketing Consultants

Yes we do work with many consumer focused organizations although we have found we have a keen understanding of how to best serve the business to business client’s needs. We go the extra mile for those with longer sales cycles and how to properly nurture business relationships with valuable white papers, how to videos and educational webinars. Staying in front of buyers when they are not ready to buy is a lost art and is enhanced with these online marketing tools.

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