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Generate Valuable Leads with White Papers and Landing Pages That Convert
B2B Internet Marketing that attracts buyers to you.
  • Inbound Marketing Without the Noise
  • We Attract Qualified Buyers with Honey
  • Extraordinary Return on Your Investment
  • Promotions via Social Media, Email and SEO

Business to Business Internet Marketing

Business to Business Internet Marketing

As you know, there is no silver bullet to B2B marketing. Your buyer’s will prefer developing a business relationship before they buy and often don’t like being forced. The key is being top of mind when they are ready to make a decision.
We can help you leverage your web presence more effectively by using proven internet marketing strategies that work. A well optimized blog post that gets found can mean money in the bank. A YouTube “How to” video can strengthen a business relationship more than another sales call. A desirable white paper can fill your sales funnel and SMART Social Media strategies on Linked-in or Twitter will help your team nurture prospects through your sales cycle.
When your client is ready to buy, your company will be “Top of Mind” and they will come looking for you as a valued partner rather than just another manufacture.

Lead Generation Strategy & Inbound Marketing Best Practices

White Paper Promotions
Inbound Marketing is just another buzz word that describes a formula for generating sales leads and a lead nurturing process to help you close more business. Companies like Hubspot, Optify and Marketo are lead generation software companies that are fueling the buzz. The truth is that although the concept is good, the investment of your time to make it work and the ROI for the software is unrealistic.
Leads with Inbound MarketingAt explorations Marketing, we will deploy a simpler model to attract and convert your future buyers. We will help you develop marketing assets and industry white papers. This online marketing “honey” will be promoted through well-crafted blog posts, through your email marketing campaigns and through social media platforms to attract more bees (Qualified Buyers) to the honey.
We will design and continually improve your landing page conversions while using your Google Analytics account to measure everything. You can use the lead management software of your choice to help your sales team close more sales. This lead gen strategy works, reduces your cost per lead and increases revenue. Let’s schedule a meeting to discuss your current lead generation strategy.

Website Content Providers

Improve Landing Page Conversions

Effective digital marketing requires compelling web content. As your internet marketing business partner, we automatically review content for websites we optimize for SEO. Our website content writers can also help develop marketing white papers and other digital assets we will use in your inbound marketing campaign. The process starts with discovering what your clients need and then setting you up as the expert to fill that need in the form of an ebook, a valuable webinar or a useful tool. We will do all the work and you reap the recognition and the leads.

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