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How To Get a Direct Link to Your Google Reviews?

How To Get a Direct Link to Your Google Reviews?

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  • On your phone, open Google Chrome in an incognito tab. Don’t have Chrome? Download it from your App Store.
  • Go to and search your business name exactly as it appears on your Google My Business page. If you don’t see your business, include your city and/or state until your business pops up.
How Do I Get a Link To My Google Local Listing
  • Toggle to the reviews tab and tap the 5th star on the far right.
  • You will be prompted to log in. Don’t worry, that’s what we need! Scroll up to the address bar. Press and hold in the address bar until the “Select All” option appears. Click it and then select “Copy” to copy the URLGet A Link To My Google Listing

Get Your Direct Link to Your Google Listing Here >>

  • Congratulations! You now have a link that will work on desktop and mobile.
  • Can’t stand that long link? Shorten it with
  • Redirect a custom URL within your domain to your pre-filled 5-star Google review prompt like we do:
If you appreciated this tutorial, I invite you to submit a 5 star review for my business by clicking the link above.


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