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Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs a Distribution Strategy Too

Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs a Distribution Strategy Too

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Today our website optimization services have morphed well beyond local Content Marketing Services That Includes The Influencersearch engine marketing & Video SEO. The way Google indexes content has changed dramatically so we needed to diversify our offerings. We are more of a B2B content creation agency these days that understands that content optimization is not enough. Our job is to make our clients thought leaders through the blogs we publish and video content we develop for them. And then to leverage a content distribution strategy that positions these posts in front of their future prospects. We have found that Linkedin articles, YouTube Video marketing and Google My Business posts are great venues to amplify this the words we write and videos we develop. Your…

Content Creation Agency That Dive’s Deep

Most of our clients are the subject matter experts but they just don’t have the time or skill set to Content Creation Agencyspell out their ideas in an engaging way that comes off as authoritative and influential. That is were we come in and inspire them, capture these ideas on paper or video and churn out content as their ghost writers. We have found that there is a story to be told in almost every project made by the manufacturers we work with. For example, this aluminum spinning manufacturer made the light fixtures for Chocolate Avenue in Hersey PA. Most of the families I know in the Philadelphia region have driven down those blocks and have ogled at the street lamps. All we had to do was tell the story. The research we needed was available online, the client spent 5 minutes with me sharing the details from a manufacturing perspective and the story basically wrote itself.

Content Marketing Services & Social Amplification

Google My Business, Linkedin Pulse and Twitter are great venues for us to broadcast the posts and videos we develop for clients. Acting on their behalf, we sign into these social accounts as the client. Those connected, following and searching have no idea our website optimization company is posting this awesome content for the client. The readers just assume the business has an internal team or the owner themselves are publishing. Re-Sharing and engagement metrics are available for both Linkedin and Twitter. Other social media management tools we use indicate if our writing styles are on track, topic selection is appropriate and if our reading audience provides the reach for the project. We use this data to regroup and fine tune all the time. B2B Content Creation and Apmlification Google My Business is a little different. Google Posts helps us speed up the indexing of our content. We have realized that we can get a blog post to be recognized by Google much faster if we publish an image and snippet of our article by including a “Learn more” link back to the original blog post. If you are not using Google My Business as part of your content distribution strategy yet, here is a video tutorial I did for Lower Bucks County Chamber members on “Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing” to help you get started.

Local Search Engine Marketing Must Include Google My Business

Video SEO for YouTube

Don’t forget Titles and Description tags…ever! What a missed opportunity to amplify your content. So many blog posts and YouTube video marketing efforts fail because the person publishing does not understand the importance of strong, keywords rich page titles and tags. This is SEO 101 and what may make the difference in your content marketing strategy. As you can see from this example pulled directly from Google’s SERP page, you can see exactly how Google & YouTube are indexing this video. Video SEO Services Have a

Content Optimization Specialist on Call

If you don’t have someone that knows the basics of SEO in house, have someone on call that understands website SEO, optimization and blogging that can optimize your blog posts for you. Using the blog example we referenced above, within 30 days of publishing this post below we were able to win two new clients for Charles Schillinger. Check out the Title and Description tags below and see how “Aluminum Spinning” was used in different ways. Content Optimization Services in Philly If you are looking for a content creation agency or content optimization specialist for your organization, contact us today at (215) 240-1215 or complete the contact us form here >>.

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