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Video Marketing Solutions through YouTube in Bucks County

Video Marketing Solutions through YouTube in Bucks County

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Everyone recognizes the value of a TV commercial.  From our earliest child hood days we were being marketed to visually on our TV screens. As a result, our culture has become increasingly conditioned to see with our own eyes what we are considering spending our hard earned money on. Years ago the only way to tap this market was with pricey TV ad campaigns.  These, more often then not, were out of the price range of most small to mid sized businesses.  With the increasing popularity of community based free internet sharing sites like YouTube and Facebook as well as their own home grown websites, business owners are finding it much easier and cheaper to market to an increasingly tech savvy customer base.  But how do you stand out from the crowd? The answer is video and this is why:
Google, the planet’s leading search engine, pushes sites containing video to the top of search results.  If content is king then video is the crown jewel. Adding video to a website can be a potential goldmine for marketers.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine.

Simply maintaining a presence on YouTube increases your chances of being found by potential clients.
Video Promotion for Dr. Marlene Mash- Dermatologist YouTube is free.  With relatively little effort and with no financial commitment, business owners can upload and manage advertising content at their leisure.  The distribution model is global and an infallible home for your content.  Links to videos can easily be distributed to clients, utilized by sales staff, referenced in meetings, embedded on other sites, blogs, etc.

Video SEO …

is 15 times more likely to produce a first-page search result than traditional techniques.  
Video can mean many things to many people.  There is a large and noticeable difference between high production and low production value in online video.  Anyone can go out and purchase a camera and most home computers come with some sort of editing software.  Here is where many people go wrong. What are you trying to accomplish with your video? Who is your audience? Should you hire an actor or just ask your cousin to be in the video? Through utilizing the professional services of an experienced Video Production Company, potential pitfalls can be avoided. When properly produced, a piece of video can be repurposed for many different marketing endeavors while maintaining a uniform look and quality.  You can run your video as a commercial on local Comcast cable, create a file for your company’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, utilize it in PowerPoint presentations and re-appropriate the footage for use in a corporate identity video. As with anything, approaching wisely and consulting the experts is a good rule of thumb.
Video content is becoming integral to any company’s marketing scheme.  Don’t be left behind… capitalize before you are marginalized.
Author’s Bio
Michael K. Eitelman, a Philadelphia area native, graduated from Temple University’s Radio Television and Film Program in 1998.   He worked in feature film development from 1998- 2002 at Tapestry Films. From there he was tapped as Actor Ryan Reynolds VP of Development for his production company, Dark Trick Films until 2004. Michael went on to pursue screenwriting and also worked at Paramount Pictures in the Post Production Marketing Division on feature film trailer and television spot finishing from 2006-2008. Currently he is a partner in Advanced Media, a Philadelphia area based Production / Post Production Company.
Advanced Media is a Philadelphia area based Video Production Company. Their services include script to screen TV commercials, video content for the web, corporate video, music videos as well as offering a full HD Post Production suite and award winning editing.  Advanced Media is a proud member of the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Philadelphia Film Office.
Advanced Media is the Parent Company for American Classic Studios serving the private party and Wedding Video Market.
In one of our many Video gigs, this band requested our team record this promotional video.
Slippery Band Promo- produced for
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