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Keywords & Content Come Before Design

Keywords & Content Come Before Design

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Why does everyone have it backwards? A web designer is often the first one a business owner calls when he/she is ready to get started with a new website. At some point soon in the design process, the designer will ask, “Ok, I am ready to add your content. Do you have that ready yet?”. This case study is a perfect example of why you need to get the SEO and Content in order before you start any new website.

Google Keywords Expert

Many of you know Bill Koelewyn of 225 Lincoln Properties. He did what everyone does…hired the website design agency first. Three weeks later, the project stalled. Let’s find out what Bill did next by reading more here (and watching this video).

Too Busy to Write Web Content & Gather Pictures?

Three weeks into the website design phase, the team at Direct Lync had a deign draft completed and asked the client for the home page content and input on their design. And that is where the website stalled. Bill and the 225 Lincoln Properties have a GREAT story to tell. Most business owners of smaller and medium sized businesses (like Bill) do.

They are just juggling too many balls to stop what they are doing to write website content that tells that story. Website designers and design agencies don’t want that job or just don’t have those skills. So, the project languishes for weeks, months, even years while everyone gets frustrated with the lack of progress.
Here is What Bill did next…

Google Uses Keywords, Page Titles, Content & More

If your primary goal is to have this new website, that can cost you Thousands, used by future customers, then why not start with the elements a search engine (like Google) uses to understand who you are and what you offer the world? A pretty design and a good user experience is not as important if no one is finding your new website. People are Googling everything they need today. Getting found there first should be a priority. Your Google Keywords expert can help.

The Best Place to start your new website project is by understanding and selecting the keywords that are most valuable to your business. That is what we do with all our SEO and Content Writing projects. Once I had the keywords for this new website, I was able to write the key SEO elements for each page. That includes Page Titles and Page Descriptions like these…

Notice how we used keyword phrases in each of these Search Engine Result listings? The next step is to support these key elements with well written page content, page headings and images. The SEO and writing task took me about 4 and a half weeks to complete.

Optimize Images for Your Website

Bill had a bundle of images sitting in computer folders and removable hard drives. So, while my content was being reviewed, edited and ultimately approved, I went through 100’s of digital pictures for him. Among the Top Causes of a Slow Website is poorly handled website images. So having your SEO consultant doing this work, you can greatly impact your website’s page loading.

We selected 19 usable pictures and I optimized them all for size, scaling, format, file compression and file name structure. Google Image Search can be super valuable to your business. There was a need for six more pictures to help round out the story we are telling, and we all know that the right picture can tell the story better. A quick 2-hour photo shoot gave us more than what we needed. A couple of days later, we had a complete package for the website designer, all tied up with a neat digital bow.

Project Manager for Website Development

Now the team at DirectLync had everything they needed to build a super successful website. Bill asked me to oversee the day-to-day production aspects and he was to be the final word on design, layout approvals. Almost every other website project I managed that started with Keywords & Content was completed is one third the time a normal website development project takes. Check out the new website for 225 Lincoln Properties here >>

I can work with your designer or we can find one for your project together. I personally do not design websites. But I have overseen the project for 100’s of new websites…headache free for the stakeholder.

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