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Advertising on Mobile Phones with SMS – 5 Mobile List Building Tips

Advertising on Mobile Phones with SMS – 5 Mobile List Building Tips

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Successful SMS text marketing promotions should be fully integrated with your current online marketing initiatives as well as your more traditional communication strategies. This tactic cannot yet stand by itself. Text messaging is a very personal experience for most mobile phone users in the US. Gaining brand trust starts by respecting this personal space. Therefore building your mobile marketing list is a process that takes time and is part of an overall client relationship strategy. The higher the level of interactivity with your clients, the more likely these clients will offer you (Opt-in) their cell phone number and take advantage of your offers.

Mobile List Building Ideas

  • Social Media Integration: No question that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Linked-In should be part of your marketing mix. Web widgets are very effective for mobile list development. These “Micro Apps” can be installed into a Facebook fan page tab or a webpage for those that are accessing the internet from a PC. Tiny Url’s can be customized and used in Twitter to drive traffic to your web widget. 
  • Pay Per Click advertising can be highly targeted on Mobile List Building AdFacebook and a powerful resource if your ad is positioned in front of the right target audience. The creative should be direct and offer value to the visitor. I’m not a big fan of Linked-in PPC but I do see some good positive signs from the new YouTube advertising opportunities. 
  • Email marketing and eNewsletters offer a great opportunity since these recipients should have already opted into your campaign. Including “Mobile Only Offers” creative within these emails should help you increase your mobile list with loyal fans. The right images used to support the copy is very important and don’t be afraid to do some split testing for improved performance. 
  • In-store signage works great for restaurants, retail stores, Gyms and entertainment venues. Develop the right phrasing that delivers a clear and concise message on your signage. Visual and Audio “Calls-to-Action” should be simple like: “Text [KEYWORD] to {Short Code} for …your special offer” 
  • Radio Advertising spots have their place and assuming your audience is listening when your spot runs, this can be a very effective tool for building your list. The cost may be prohibitive for list building alone but when part of a larger campaign, radio can be a great vehicle for your advertising message.

SMS Text Marketing Guidelines

Always be upfront with your audience and provide them an opportunity to opt out of your mobile coupon campaign. Wireless carriers have a number of regulations and Mobile Marketing Best Practices should be followed. Not everyone takes advantage of an unlimited texting plan and most carriers require you to notify consumers of the cost of service. A simple statement like: “Msg&data rates may apply” will satisfy this requirement.

Mobile Landing Pages Convert Better

Mobile enabled landing pages show up better on Smartphone’s and improve the customer experience ten fold. They are not difficult to design if you are using a WordPress site or you can have your mobile marketing supplier include a mobile landing page in the campaign. Mobile is a FAST medium and the clearer the communication, the higher the conversion ratios. If the landing page is cumbersome and requires scrolling and advanced navigation, your prospects will get frustrated and will reduce your ROI for your mobile marketing campaign.
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