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10 Most Effective Marketing Tools for Content Amplification

10 Most Effective Marketing Tools for Content Amplification

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Getting your content seen is perhaps the most crucial step Amplify Contentin your B2B content marketing strategy. But with so much content out there, it can be challenging to find your well-deserved place in the spotlight. To ensure that your content receives the recognition it merits, check out the following ten tools for optimal content amplification

Contently is a New York City-based company that specializes in creating, distributing and optimizing content. Contently founders Joe Coleman, Shane Snow and Dave Goldberg believe that spammy, low-value content is never the answer to the SEO dilemma. To improve content visibility, their team of over 30,000 content specialists can help to amplify your content through social media tools, email, and paid distribution. With major brands such a General Electric and American Express on board, you’re in good company.

Buzzstream provides software designed to help business to businesses content marketing professionals amplify content through link building, PR and the use of social media. Buzzstream is popular amongst large and small businesses alike, working with marketing teams to help build online credibility, track communications, and kickstart outreach efforts. Buzzstream offers a free 14-day trial of its Starter, Plus, and Premium plans.

Cision’s Content Marketing Suite targets engaged audiences on top tier websites to drive more brand exposure and traffic to your content, wherever it may live. It’s the easiest way to enhance your PR campaign strategy and reach a broader audience. B2B Content marketers can increase the value of your content and reach the largest audience possible by promoting it on channels where potential customers are already engaged.

Edgar is an app that works to optimize the visibility of your social media updates. Since most updates are only seen by a small portion of your social media followers, Edgar reposts content from your archives as well as utilizing algorithms to schedule your status updates for optimal traffic-building.

Buffer is a social media management tool that is lauded as one of the simplest ways to share your social media content and keep your Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn channels up to date. With Buffer, you can schedule when you would like your social media posts to be sent, helping you to release posts to followers at prime-traffic times in variant time zones.

OnePress Social Locker
OnePress Social Locker is a WordPress plugin that enables visitors to view certain content only after sharing it through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. If your audience is otherwise engaged, OnePress Social Locker can be utilized on select posts. This plugin is easy to install, and at just $24 is affordable even for start-up business enterprises.

Outbrain is a handy little traffic-driving tool, helping to promote your content by embedding links through high-end publisher sites. Every time you browse the web, you probably come across a few results of Outbrain’s work. To get started with Outbrain, all you have to do is commit to a budget, and Outbrain will do the rest. Chances are that a portion of this traffic will bounce back after they realize you are not offering what they seek.

Storify enables you to gather content from blogs, social media, and pages across the web all in one place. As well as making your content more viewer-friendly, Storify connects you to relevant story-worthy sources as you compose your content. Storify offers both a free version and a Business Pro version. With the Pro version, subscribers receive enhanced support, customization tools, and story privacy options.

Listly is a useful tool for spreading the word about your content through publishing, sharing and embedding lists that help viewers to quickly access connected information and relevant links (including your own). Listly is a popular resource amongst content marketers, recommended for its ability to connect audiences with the information that interests them.

PR Newswire
If your content is newsworthy, then PR Newswire can help your efforts. PR Newswire is an authoritative source of news, offering subscribers up-to-the-minute press releases, videos, images, and audio. As well as providing newsworthy sources, PR Newswire can help to distribute your content, boosting the visibility of your social media updates and regularly scheduled content.

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