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Manufacturing Is A Viable Option for Job Seekers – Apprenticeships Fill Skills Gap

Manufacturing Is A Viable Option for Job Seekers – Apprenticeships Fill Skills Gap

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Advanced Manufacturing (AM) in Pennsylvania represents the 3rd largest industry sector and the demand for trained machinists, CNC programmers, engineers, industrial mechanics and a host of other manufacturing positions continues to rise in the Bucks and Montgomery County region. This chart below lists just 16 common positions thatnewsletter-dec-apprentice all require some level of “On the Job Training” (OJT) and as you can see, almost 1000 positions are available annually. The challenge, a shortage of workers to fill the availability. The current manufacturing workforce is reaching retirement age but young people are choosing a different route for many different reasons. Manufacturing is a VERY viable option that is often missed due to misconceptions or young people are simply not aware of the opportunities.

Positions in Manufacturing with Opportunity

In Debt with Student Loans & Without A Job

The September 2015 Millennial Jobs Report from Generation Opportunity found that 13.1 percent of 18-29 year olds are unemployed in the US. The national rate of unemployment is 5.0 percent. Patricia Lee, a spokesperson for this youth advocacy organization went on to say, “Our higher education system is graduating debt laden young Americans without job-ready skills. We need solutions that expands access to high quality alternatives and prepares our generation for the 21st century economy.”

Manufacturing Facilities Today Are High Tech and Safe Working Environments

Great Jobs in ManufacturingSafe, clean work environments is the norm in Manufacturing throughout our region but unfortunately the Moms & Dads of today’s youth still have a misconception about Manufacturing being a dirty job…not true! Advancements in technology, automation and precision engineering have cleaned up the image of today’s manufacturing facility. It is time to let go of your old ideas about manufacturing jobs and embrace a rewarding career without the weight of college loans for years to come. The jobs are here.

Manufacturing Apprenticeships Redesigned

A handful of manufacturing executives in our region are stepping up to the challenge of overcoming these misconceptions and developing a high quality alternative in the form of Manufacturing Alliance Event Jan 2016Apprenticeships that will fill the skills gap required to satisfy the needs of these High Priority Positions in Manufacturing. If you are a manufacturing executive in Bucks or Montgomery County and wish to be part of the Apprenticeship Program design, we invite you to join fellow members of the Manufacturing Alliance and the local chapter of the NTMA on January 26th, 2016.
“We are a small band of people trying to make a big impact on the industry we love. It can be frustrating at times but I sleep well at night knowing we are out there DOING and not just talking anymore.” John Shegda, President of NTMA – Delaware Valley Chapter

Manufacturing Needs Survey

The Manufacturing Alliance brings together free and low cost economic development partners to help manufacturing companies in Southeast Pennsylvania grow their businesses through reshoring and near shoring initiatives. The hope is that you can grow your local production and supply chains locally. Some factors influencing decisions to re-shore production are:Grants for Re-Shoring Survey
  • Inferior Product Quality from offshore partners
  • Growing Transportation Costs
  • Increasing Wages in other countries
  • Exchange rate fluctuations
  • Responsiveness & Communication Challenges
The goal of this survey is to secure a state grant to help manufactures with calculating a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and comprehensive consulting services to help your business become more viable.

Our Economic Development Partners

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