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What’s Involved With Running A Great AdWords Campaign?

What’s Involved With Running A Great AdWords Campaign?

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Google AdWords Management CompanyAn AdWords Campaign is an ad campaign within Google AdWords. The campaign is usually made up of several ad groups. Each ad group displays different textural ads ads based on the type of keyword a user may type into Google’s search engine. Each Ad campaign grouping should include geography, device segmentation, and a common product or service. For example, A bicycle store selling high end road bikes, mountain bikes and BMX bicycles can choose to have different ad campaigns for each of its products.

Google AdWords Consultant Explains Structure

Google AdWords Campaign Structure

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There’s more to an AdWords campaign than building it out during an initial set up and hoping visitors click on your ads. You need to make sure that the ads you have developed are served to the right people, and that you’re not paying too much for keywords that won’t offer you beneficial returns.

Explorations will find you the best keywords for each ad group by gathering keyword data, traffic history, conversion potential and average per click costs using special proprietary tools and then analyzing this data to make smart keyword selections for your program. The goals of our keyword analysis and selection for you is:

  • Highly Qualified Traffic
  • To deliver a higher click through rate (CTR)
  • Choose phrases that offer a lower cost per click (CPC)
  • Gain a higher Google Quality Score

AdWords Campaign Optimization

Like many forms of marketing, creating and maintaining an AdWords campaign isn’t something you can do once and move on. Managing an effective AdWords campaign just like running a small business SEO campaign is an ongoing effort that require constant attention in areas like:

  • Evaluating & re-evaluating keywords
  • Choosing negative keywords to avoid the wrong traffic
  • Bid Adjustments to maximize your ROI
  • Using Analytics to optimize Ad text and creative
  • Split testing Ads, testing landing pages to improve conversions


Every one of these tasks are important and take time and energy to execute. The average business owner and marketing executive is constantly juggling many balls and fail to spend the quality time required to manage an effective AdWords campaign. The road to campaign failure is always paved with good intentions. That is why it is important that someone on your team or an expert in AdWords campaign management like eXplorations Marketing take on the tasks outlined above.

With eXplorations, your get a dedicated campaign manager focused on your mutual success.

Bid Management Is Crucial for Success

The most effective keywords for your campaign may come at a higher price because your competitors are also trying to optimize their keywords too. We spend a significant amount of time trying to optimize our quality score, selecting match types, choosing word mis-spellings and building out our negative keyword lists. All of this activity helps us get higher positions at lower per click costs. So bid management is much more than adjusting a maximum per click cost.

Keyword Groups & Split Testing Ad Copy

An AdWords campaign can only be successful if it’s based on the right keywords, phrases that are:

  • Specific to your target audience
  • Cost Less Per Phrase Than Highly Competitive Phrases
  • Guaranteed to drive traffic to your site

Higher quality scores are achieved when the ad copy coincides with your keyword groups in your Google AdWords campaign. Therefore we will make sure the copy we write accomplishes two primary goals

  1. Converts more targeted traffic
  2. Achieves a Higher Quality score

testing adcopy for adwords

That requires a continuous period of testing and optimizing. It is not unusual will will run 4 ads per Ad Group with just minor differences in ad copy. We are looking for the best possible scenarios and the consumer behavior is always changing. The devices they use for search is also impacting search behavior. This is a lot of moving parts.
Informed keyword grouping directly impacts your Quality Score. Having close-knit ad groups that perform well in your PPC campaigns shows the search engines you’re in tune with what your customers want. You are rewarded with:ROI on Google AdWords

  • A higher ROI
  • Better Ad Positions
  • Better conversions in your landing pages     

Phew…sounds like a full time job?

Yes, running an AdWords campaign requires much more than choosing a few keywords, writing some ad copy and launching the campaign. Most businesses that “Set It and Forget It” end up spending way too much money, getting poor quality leads and eventually get frustrated.

Interested in running a Google AdWords campaign and realize you need a professional to manage the project? Great, give Tom a call today at (215) 240-1215 and we can talk about building & managing a successful AdWords campaign for you.


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