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I’m guessing you read about my adventures on The Circuit Trails blog?

SEO Optimization ExpertWhen I am not exploring bike trails around Philadelphia, I am helping business owners optimize their digital assets (Websites, Videos, Facebook pages and other digital destinations). The goal is to get higher quality visitors, more business leads, close more sales and become the authority online that you are offline. Sometimes that means I spend money advertising in Google AdWords and in YouTube. Google in turn, runs to the bank with that money…just kidding. But they do offer us a few discount coupons per month that allow new AdWords advertisers an opportunity to try out Google AdWords with our help. If you are interested in trying out Google AdWords for the first time and want Google to split that cost for the 1st $100.00 spent, just fill out this micro-form and you can download our coupon.

AdWords Coupon for New Advertisers

Special Offer for New Advertisers

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