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Let’s See How Your Ad Will Appear on a Smartphone

Let’s See How Your Ad Will Appear on a Smartphone

Reaching potential clients on the move can be handled several ways. Setting up a mobile search advertising campaign can be very effective. Let’s see how your ad would appear on a Samsung Galaxy 4 S for this example.
This widget will present your text on the smart phone screen along with some actual search results the way that Google Adwords will render the ad. Notice how a mobile search ad dominates the smartphone’s screen. This simulation demonstrates how others will see your advertising take up most of the area on a search result page. The Click through rates are typically much higher from mobile devices.
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Mobile Search Advertising is Effective

Look at how much real estate an ad takes up on a smart phone! It often dominates the top of the search page. Advertising for mobile search is a wise investment. If your mobile traffic is over 20% organically, paid advertising can double that amount. But you need to be smart about keywords, ad creative and the landing pages you send people too. Geo-targeting is also VERY important. Ready to start a mobile advertising campaign? Our team can help get your started. Complete the simple form below. It will take you only 1 minute.
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