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Website Support Services We Can Do On The Fly – Reasonably Priced, Local, Trustworthy

Website Support Services We Can Do On The Fly – Reasonably Priced, Local, Trustworthy

in Website Support
Website Maintenance Services

After we have created a nice organic flow of traffic for clients, it is not unusual that we are tasked with all sorts of website updates, maintenance and repairs. Although most partnerships often start off with the affordable SEO services we provide clients and/or the Google Local Services we provide initially, once that heavy work is completed we are often tasked with managing website updates that most clients just don’t have the internal resources to handle themselves. So, in these trying times, we decided to offer our expertise to all local companies without a commitment to an SEO or digital marketing program. I enjoy a reputation of being honest, trustworthy and easy to work with. Most business owners appreciate working with a local website guy that they can trust. Click this link to see a few reviews on Google.

Website Maintenance Services

My expertise is in WordPress website maintenance tasks but we do work with pretty much all content management systems and I sub out work to a few local programmers depending upon the complexity. We can handle anything you need. From simple copy edits, adding new content, pages, plugin updates, and platform updates to new customizations to plugins and themes. We can set up a maintenance schedule or just do the work as the need arises. Some of the more common tasks are:

  • Installing an SSL Certificate
  • Managing Plugin & Theme Updates
  • Rearranging page content and layouts
  • Repair The Mobile Experience
  • Make regular backups or restore websites from a backup
  • Test & Fix webforms
  • Improve spam protection and fix 404 errors

Fix Website Loading Issues

Why is my website slow? The answer to this question is often complex. Included in Phase II of every SEO optimization program we offer, we address website slow loading issues. We start with a page speed testing tool to better understand. We have gotten very good and identifying and fixing the challenges that we have decided to make this a stand-alone service.

Often image size, scaling and how they load is a primary culprit of a website loading slow. File compression and the number of server requests are also high on the list of Why a website loads slow. But there can be twenty other reasons for a slow loading webpage. We will fix what we can and make a plan for improving the user experience if we meet limitations of your server or website that cannot be overcome.

Blog Posting Services

I write a ton of content for clients and it occupies most of my time. I only offer my writing services to SEO clients. It is always high quality and coincides with our SEO goals. This blog posting service does not include me writing your content. Although you can send me what you or someone on your team wrote and I can publish that on your website if you have a blog. Or I can also sub-contract to a blog post writing service the task of writing. There are several good bloggers in the US and internationally that I use occasionally. It’s up to you on who writes the content.

This blog posting service is me only signing into your website as an editor or administrator and publishing what was written. It includes minor editing to repair obvious grammatical errors, spelling and formatting issues. You supply any images or YouTube videos you would like to include and I will make it look professional, neat and engaging.

Google Local Services & Updates

Your Google My Business profile can often be your most valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. Many businesses have never claimed their Google local listing. Chances are that you use Google local services all the time, most people have. Chances are also good that there is misinformation on your Google local business profile if you have not yet addressed it.

This service includes me claiming, cleaning up and optimizing your Google My Business account. If there are negative reviews, we can help you repair the damage they may be causing your business. In addition, we can use the new features of this powerful search tool to its full advantage by adding posts, pictures, offers, promoting services, adding video content…and more. The more active you are, the more Google includes you in local searches. Some of our clients get 3x’s more traffic via Google Local Search and Google Maps local than they see from their website.

What do we mean by Local Companies

The vast majority of our clients own and operate a business in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County and New Jersey. This commitment to support local companies with our digital marketing expertise runs deep in of who we are and our desire to serve our community. We worship locally, raise families here, purchase goods, give back and pay it forward locally. A strong local economy is often the result of those that care deeply about its health. Therefore our desire to see local companies succeed is part of our makeup.

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