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Video Marketing Has Power to Convert Viewers into Buyers

Video Marketing Has Power to Convert Viewers into Buyers

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There is no denying the fact that a properly optimized video has power. American consumers love watching videos. 172 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in just one month (comScore, Inc. Video Metrix Jan 2011) and that number continues to grow. It takes more than just good video SEO to break through the clutter. So where does a small business marketing team in Philadelphia begin to optimize their video content for increased website traffic?

Video Marketing Ranking Factors

YouTube still represents more than 80% of the video market when it comes to bloggers sharing this content and most corporate bloggers are conducting searches in their favorite search engines with Google Video being the most popular tool used since it looks beyond just
Every video published should have its own unique Title, Description and keyword rich tags. That requires good keyword discovery just as you would for any web page. Some of the other criteria used to enhance discoverability are:
Video Marketing Philadelphia

Video Marketing Search Ranking Factors

Close captioning within the video has proven to be effective since it is believed that Google and YouTube are now indexing transcriptions and closed captioning files. Creating video sitemaps has become a must if video is a part of your website or within an online resource library.

Video Promotion Influenced by Social Sharing

So with all this social behavior now part of the search ranking algorithm, your web video promotions should include a healthy dose of social marketing that encourages viewers to not only invest 2-3 minutes watching but to take some form of action. Online video marketing is only good if you are engaging your audience. Producing a quality product should always be at the foundation of all your online content. “How To videos” and “Reality Style videos” have proven more effective than promotional advertising. By educating and entertaining your viewers at the same time, you will be more likely to compel your audience to share your material. Sometimes it is important to come right out and ask them to comment and share your video.

A Video Brand is Important

If you have invested in your company’s brand identity, that brand recognition should carry over to your video marketing efforts. Your YouTube channel can be and should be customized to reflect your website leveraging colors, graphic backgrounds, tag lines, images and profile information. From this channel, your viewers should continue to connect with your company’s brand message. Activity within your channel is key to your success with video. The background image for your channel should also be enhanced with calls to action while representing your brand image.
Each video you create should have a branded intro, outro and music that reflect who you are. The intro should lay the foundation for your identity and the outro should also give direction and a way to contact you for more information. Don’t miss this opportunity to capture a new client. Here also you should include your website and even include a teaser, tracking phone number, coupon code. This is a great time to present the viewer with an offer.
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