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Link Building for SEO Trust & Authority

Link Building for SEO Trust & Authority

in SEO Link Building
As we all know, links are the primary currency in the SEO world. The math behind Google measures your website social link buildingauthority by using link analysis as a primary ingredient of its PageRank algorithm. The savvier webmasters in years past were able to unravel the math and began developing ways of generating volumes of links through unsavory practices. Therefore the PageRank equation needed to develop into a more complex equation that dissects the value of the page passing the link. Today, more so than ever, the authority of the page offering the link has a great impact on the page receiving the link value. Therefore the quality of the links received is often more important than the quantity.
Here are three crucial factors in determining the value of each link.

Building Backlinks from Relevant Sites

Relevancy is a crucial component of determining value of a potential link partner. For example, a publisher’s website that publishes articles about high performance muscle cars, the tracks they frequent and the products they consume is relevant to a performance parts manufacture. Less relevant to the publisher is a website that sells t-shirts of all types including logoed apparel for Monster energy, Red Bull and Holley carburetors. A search engine not only evaluates the anchor text of a hyper link but also the adjacent words and phrases to the actual link. The goal of a link should always offer more value to the reader.

Website Authority

Many components go into establishing the authority of one web page over another. Backlinks for seoThe first component of any authority webpage is GREAT original content that is written in a language easy for the reader to digest and reference in future conversations. Not only would an authority site have good traffic that spends real time on a webpage but it would have a volume of subscribers to receive this content via RSS feeds. The content on an authority site is often so good that it naturally gains many links from bloggers and social shares from an engaged audience. If you are fortunate enough to gain a body link from an authority webpage, you will notice an obvious increase in SEO value and website traffic.

Trust Worthiness

Trust is something that is earned over time and the same is true for a webpage or website. The first step in link building link trustestablishing trust for your website or a linking partner is to check its appearance. People judge a book by its cover and a clean, well organized, professionally designed website garners trust faster than one without a clean appearance. The search engines love clean, well organized code for style sheets (CSS) and web pages. Trust by association is measured by who is linking to whom. The more positive reviews, online mentions and authority links a page has, the more trustworthy it becomes in the eyes of the visitor and a search engine.

BackLinks Checker and Link Building Tools:

The SEOmoz toolbar is a must have and will help you measure PageRank and linking information of a particular website at a glance. Newer to the scene is a search engine called Blekko and when signed in, offers tremendous information about the value of links pointing to any website. Just add your domain to this backlinks checker to see who is linking to you.
This Professional Guide to Link Building is a great place to start learning how to build backlinks. I’ll warn you, there is plenty of work involved and the organization as a whole should take on this task. It is always wise to hire a professional SEO to help guide you through all the criticle steps.
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