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Manufacturing Directories That Offer True Value Stand Out

Manufacturing Directories That Offer True Value Stand Out

in Business Directory Listings

business directory valueGetting the most out a local business directory starts with understanding who will be using these tools and more importantly, how they will be used by that community. Our region has a number of business to consumer directories like the Bucks County Alive network of websites and Northeast Philly Online. And then there are Business to Business directories like various Chamber of Commerce directories, the Philadelphia Business Journal and select manufacturing industry niche directories like The Blue Book and Thomasnet. thomasnetThey are all powerful resources that ask their membership to pay annual fees to appear in their online business directories or seek advertising that appears as banner ads. The Manufacturing Alliance is building a list of manufacturing companies in Eastern Pennsylvania that is a little different. Let’s find how this directory is different…

Niche Directory That Offers Great Value to Manufacturers


The Manufacturing Alliance of Bucks & Montgomery County

A primary goal of The Alliance is to strengthen business relationships with neighboring manufacturing executives without friction from solicitors. Therefore, they created a closed password protected online community that is not visible to service providers. This invites manufacturing executives to participate in a great business to business community while avoiding a barrage of phone calls from sales people as a result of just being active within The Alliance.

Niche DirectoryThey will also be afforded the freedom to discuss sensitive topics they would be reluctant to have on LinkedIn. Another primary goal is to help regional manufacturers build out local supply chains. This searchable database is limited to manufacturers that have a physical operation within eastern PA. By getting to know your neighbors, you might be more inclined to keep future work local and reduce the need for offshoring.

Free Manufacturing Directory That Supports Regional Growth

There is no cost for a manufacturing membership in The Alliance. Therefore there is no cost to be part of the directory and discussion forums. Our Service Providers are not members but do offer tremendous value to our members. Recognizing our members just don’t have the time to run an effective operation and evaluate these services, we have built in a review and recommendation tool into the Service Provider’s directory. Manufacturers can offer comments and select from a 5 Star rating system to help their neighbors make better informed decisions with less effort. These service providers must also have a physical presence in Eastern Pennsylvania, thus supporting our local economy.

Manufacturers Forum Without The Noise

We needed a place to discuss and share information of a serious nature among our members without the prying eyes of journalists, media, irrelevant comments and superficial answers to thoughtful questions. No doubt LinkedIn Groups can be a great resource but we found that community members niche-marketing-strategyare reluctant to share for many reasons. We have created an Online Manufacturers Forum that can be used to discuss sensitive topics like Cash Flow issues, Workforce challenges, Projects up for Bid and many more where our members can feel secure in the knowledge that no one outside of our manufacturing community is looking at our dialogue.

We believe this resource if used can be very effective in you getting answers you can trust while forging long term relationships with your manufacturing neighbors. If your manufacturing company has a physical location in the 7 county region around Philadelphia and you wish to be part of a growing Made In America movement, join us at and together we can strengthen the Manufacturing community in our own back yard.

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